Monday, October 22, 2012

halloween edition !

546 by --erin kate
546, a photo by --erin kate on Flickr.

Every year I think extensively about the halloween costume I want to make. This year I was an angel & I made the wings from scratch. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out!

I started out with some thrift store knitting needles that I covered in wire & hot glue for the "frame".

Then I cut pieces of cardboard and used pieces of wire like twist-ties to kind of sew them together. After that, I took a long sleeved tshirt & cut off the sleeves & eased them over the frames. Then I glued on feathers like crazy. . .

To make them wearable, I sewed elastic sort of like backpack straps & added ribbon tabs to the bottom. . .

That's all!

Happy halloween !


  1. You are too cute and so clever!

    1. I Pinned this post BTW, just in case my lil' girls wanna be an angel or something w/wings one Halloween.

  2. Beautiful! You and the wings!

  3. This is so beautiful and clever! I love your use of unassuming materials for stunning results.

  4. Beautiful and so ingenious! I love how you used the knitting needles for the frame.

  5. Such a cute idea, they look great!

  6. I just showed this to my Mum (and aside from commenting on how lovely you look in the pictures) she as well thought what you had done was brilliant and very cool :)

  7. Wow they turned out amazing! Where did you get all the feathers?

  8. These are amazing!!

  9. wow.. you are soo incredibly talented and beautiful..


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