Tuesday, November 20, 2012

gold & quartz necklace

1 by --erin kate
1, a photo by --erin kate on Flickr.

a quick diy between tests/midterms/projects/etc.

I ordered some cut quartz pieces off the internet & crocheted around one with some gold wire.

I've been wearing it on a plain gold necklace chain from a broken vintage necklace. (yard sale buy ! )


  1. All your pictures are such a pleasure for the eye ;-)

  2. I think it's great that you're doing DIY jewelry. Such items can be overpriced out there. This one came out fabulous.

  3. This is lovely, you would pay alot for that in the shops.

  4. I agree, you could definitely sell those if you enjoy making them a lot. That is so gorgeous, you are so creative!

  5. I just looked through your blog entries and I have to say that you are incredibly talented, artistic, and creative. I'm thoroughly jealous. :-)

  6. You could totally sell that on Etsy! It's lovely, and unique!

  7. It's beautiful. Jewelry pieces like this are a reason I wish I was more confident in crochet. It just wouldn't work the same with knitting!

  8. This is so pretty!I tagged your blog for the Liebster award!Have a look if you'd like!

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thank you ! ❀